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About Us

Why we exist.

Our Founder, Georgia Antill noticed that when she bought regular 'gold plated' jewellery it never lasted and required too much care or they would all tarnish, change colour, break or cause allergic reactions almost immediately upon wearing them!

After years of multiple 'cheap' purchases (that actually added up to a lot of wasted money!) she decided to throw it all away and only buy solid gold, so that she could have some quality and style in her life.

Yet, shopping for solid gold was not fun. The costs were astronomical and even if she managed to save up and choose one piece, after purchasing it she I felt so worried about losing it or damaging it that she was too afraid to wear it all the time and get the value out of her investment!

She thought "Why isn't there beautiful, timeless, quality jewellery at an affordable price point?"

There is now, Welcome to Noble & Precious.

Welcome to Luxury for Less.


Lifestyle proof

Even if you wear them in the shower, at the beach or pool or when exposed to sweat, heat, creams and perfumes, your jewellery won't tarnish and will look, feel and wear like solid gold.


Made for you

Our range is made with stainless steel and genuine 18k gold as they are both Nickel free, offering our wearers complete comfort from any allergies.


Tarnish proof

Hypoallergenic and comfortable to wear

Waterproof 18K gold

Feels and wears like solid gold





"Jewellery makes us feel special - So pieces for today's customer need to be special too. They need to fit the buyer in multiple ways. Style, comfort, quality and affordability".

It was time someone created a new category within the 'affordable or plated' jewellery markets. A category where Luxury can be available for less yet also delivery long lasting quality products.

Georgia Antill